What is Cursillo?

Cursillo is a Spanish name for “small course”. In fact it is an abbreviation for the longer expression “Cursillo de Cristiandad” which means “A small course in Christianity”.

During a Cursillo weekend, participants listen to the Christian message, divided into short talks that are given by clergy and lay people. The talks build on each other, and each talk is followed by a period of small-group discussions. The teachings of Christ are presented in an atmosphere of warmth, joy and fellowship.  Music and skits provide variety and entertainment.

“This small course helped me move from my childish knowledge of Christianity to a fuller, adult-oriented knowledge of what Christianity really means. It got me going on a new and clearer path of life, and I am glad I participated in a Cursillo weekend.”

“There are now, as the Spanish song ‘De Colores’ implies, new beautiful colors in my life. I heard this joyful song on the weekend, and I keep humming it when I feel the need to be joyful again”