A Cursillo Weekend

Core to our activities is a 3-day, residential, weekend. It starts on Thursday evening and ends Sunday evening. Many of us have shared on such a weekend a profound experience of Christian life, refreshing, renewing and sometimes transforming our walk with God.  It is best described as an experience, leading to discovery and appreciation of what is fundamental in Christianity.  Some have said:“It is not a retreat, it’s an advance!”

“Moving from my religion as a sort of cultural heritage to my religion as an active, animating cardinal point in my life.”

“Cursillo – it refreshed my faith!  The fun with laughter, the peace with solitude, and the education in what it means to be a Christian today! I met a lot of great people from various churches, including my own, whom I had never met before. The weekend allows time to relax and the freedom to focus on God, Christianity, fellowship and the very depths of my soul for three whole days. What a treat! It’s something that everyone should experience at least once in one’s life. It will always be a wonderful memory. Thanks so much.”

What someone recently reported after attending a weekend.

“This last Cursillo weekend was for me: anchoring, awakening, challenging, creative, demanding, disarming, encouraging, exhausting, exhilarating, expansive, forging (yes! as in heating and hammering), forgiving, generous, graceful, gracious, heartfelt, humorous, inspirational, inspired, intense, light-hearted, motivating, moving, nurturing, profound, stimulating, supportive, surreal, taxing, thoughtful, thought-provoking, tolerant, uplifting, wonder-full.”


What happens during a weekend?

We seek and worship God in many different ways:

  • a series of fairly short talks on different aspects of being a Christian, by both clergy and lay people;
  • a chance to discuss these and their significance to us personally over the weekend in a small table group;
  • periods of reflection and silence, music, prayer and liturgies, songs, surprises and fun times;
  • the chance to take our doubts and concerns to one of the resident clergy, or share them with our group;
  • good food and company!

Everyone learns from each other by sharing in a living Christian community for three days.