Beyond the Weekend

 During a Cursillo weekend, we are encouraged to:
  • get to know ourselves better (encounter with self)
  • experience the presence and love of God, through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit (encounter with God)
  • see the good that a loving and caring Christian community can provide (encounter with others)

To continue the Cursillo weekend experience, we strongly suggest that you become more involved in a local church community or parish.

You may also want to continue to meet with some of the people you met during the Cursillo  weekend, perhaps meeting them on a regular basis. As well as the larger gatherings of the Cursillo evenings, we also suggest Reunion Group meetings where 4-8 people meet more regularly to share about prayer, study and Christian action.

The Cursillo movement is an apostolic movement. Our goal is to share with people around us the essence of Christianity and Christian values in a way that could gradually transform society from within. The Cursillo movement uses the expression “leavening society with the gospel”. We are counting primarily on the testimony of friendship with Christ to help us bring Christ to others. Our regular post-Cursillo weekend meetings help us continue to challenge each other to dare to become more effective witnesses.